Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen?

Cold-Water, Wild-Caught We use only the finest raw materials. Unlike farm-raised fish, wild-caught fish have no possibility of being exposed to antibiotics or hormones.

No Aftertaste It’s made from fish. But it doesn’t taste like fish.

Pure Collagen No additives, preservatives or sulfites are used.

More of What You Need Compared to other fish-based collagen, Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen has higher concentrations of essential amino acids, including threonine, histidine, arginine and methionine, as well as glycine and serine.

Quality Control Our facility is dedicated solely to marine collagen, so we can keep a tight control on quality, and regularly test our products for purity and safety.

Hypo-Allergenic Our marine collagen is sourced from fish, but during our extraction process, almost all allergens are removed from the collagen


Q: What are the benefits of Collagen?


• Helps Improve

• Joint health and function

• Cardiovascular health

• Protein enrichment

• Skin Hydration

• Skin Elasticity

• Skin Health

• Bone strength

• Mobility


• Joint discomfort

• Joint inflammation

• Muscle atrophy

• Weight

• Bone mineral

• Recovery time

• Dry skin