Where it all began...

We have all done it.
Search for the right face cream, right serum, right berry - all just to look and feel fabulous. When I stumbled upon collagen, I thought why not and decided to give it a try. It wasn’t easy to keep at it but I was determined. A few months later when my girlfriend asked me what hair extensions I was using I just screamed: “That’s my hair!” Confused, but seriously flattered I knew I was onto something. It’s the collagen. That one thing made my hair grow out of control, made my skin plump like I was in my teens again and my unmanicured covid nails have never been stronger. And that was just the surface. My gut and digestion felt amazing, I effortlessly lost 15 pounds and never felt better. I wasn’t alone.
Fueled by the incredible effect on our looks and health, my girlfriend and I spent the next few weeks swapping homemade recipes for collagen drinks, reading scientific articles, dissecting the molecular composition and looking for commercial options to make collagen a natural and effortless part of our diet. An easy grab and go drink, that you get with one hand while holding your toddler in the other. And easy drink that you grab running out of the house to work. A drink that you are looking forward to in the morning because it just tastes so good. We wanted the best. The best quality collagen out there, organic ingredients - all locally produced. A drink that you can trust.
We couldn’t find it on the market. But we made it and we are bringing it to you now.
Welcome to Lemon & Co.
With Love, 
Alena & Charity